COSORI Rice Cooker


Capacity 5 Quarts
Product Dimensions 12.3″D x 10.6″W x 9.2″H
Power Source AC 120V Corded Electric
Product Care Instructions Dishwasher Safe
  • 18-in-1 Functionality: Choose from different types of rice and texture options, 3 types of oatmeal, 3 types of other grains, and functions such as Slow Cook, Steam, Saut√©, Keep Warm, Delay Timer, and Quick Rice.
  • Perfect Rice Every Time: Powered by fuzzy logic technology, the COSORI rice cooker controls the temperature precisely throughout the 7-step rice cooking process for white rice, sushi rice, and brown rice.
  • Quick Cooking: The normal cooking time for perfect rice is relatively slow compared to stovetop or traditional rice cookers, but our ‘Quick Rice’ feature allows you to cook rice quickly at 1000W of power without sacrificing taste or the quality of the meal.
  • Easy to Clean: All the accessories are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
  • Easy to Use: The bright LED guided touch display walks you through the cooking process. Clear measurement marks make it easy to measure the perfect amount of water, and the alert tone lets you know when your rice is ready.
  • Healthier & Safer: Every surface that comes into contact with your food is made without BPA, PFOA, or PFOS.
  • 5-Quart Capacity: Cook enough rice for the whole family with the large 5 qt / 10 cup capacity.
  • 50 Recipes: Your rice cooker comes with a free recipe book featuring 30 chef-created recipes, and you can discover even more recipes on the free VeSync app.
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